InnoZent OWL e.V.

The Network - Motor of progress

InnoZent OWL e.V., founded in 1998, has made it its core task to network different competences of and with companies, science and research, politics and administration. Likewise, organisation of market places and projects, as well as contributions to the development of competences, are part of the network portfolio.

Main activities

For member companies getting started with new technologies things are made easier by means of the organisation of cooperation and the procurement of competent partners, the arrangement of events and fairs as well as by means of workshops and working groups. Current subjects are technology transfer, microsystems and systems integration. InnoZent OWL organises the complex transfer of knowledge and the often difficult communication with potential partners from different economic sectors.

The technological focus

The use of information and communications technology (ICT) as a cross-sectional technology in the development of new products and processes forms the technological focus of the network. That extends from the development of embedded systems as far as e-commerce activities.

InnoZent OWL promotes the exchange of experience and information between companies increasingly also informally by arranging contacts which often lead to cooperation. At the same time, the tasks, seen from the scientific/technical point of view, are becoming increasingly demanding, but also comprise growth financing and the increasing of flexibility by production cooperation.

Advice given for planning and the implementation of product innovations is currently the main task. Synergy effects due to the systematic exchange of the respective competences are at the same time often particularly profitable. The companies and research facilities can, moreover, in that way often limit the economic risk of the research and development projects for the individual with the help of cooperation.


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