AdPack² Core group

By Katherina Ulrich

One main goal of the consortium is to identify a core group and enlarge this core group during the project lifetime. The core group consists of four target groups:

  • Target group 1: this group is formed by partnership SME members
  • Target group 2: these are SME non-members
  • Target group 3: universities, research institutes, large companies, etc.
  • Target group 4: this target group includes relevant regional authorities, chambers of commerce, regional, national trade agencies, other clusters and ESCPs

Currently, the core group consists of 56 entities from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and Spain.

Nr Company name Web page Country
1 3d-Oxides France
2 ACAN Navarra Spain
3 ANP -  National Association of Pêra Rocha Producers Portugal
4 APPEC ASTRO Czech Republic
5 Autoklastr Czech Republic
6 barthel HF-Technik GmbH Germany
7 Bioinova Czech Republic
8 Bochemie Czech Republic
9 Branson Spain
11 CEMEF France
12 CENTIMFE Portugal
13 Chespa Sp. z o.o. Poland
14 Cluster of Czech Furniture Manufacturers Czech Republic
15 Comissão Vitivinicola Regional da Beira Interior Portugal
16 CREA Hydro & Energy Czech Republic
17 DAMAR Portugal
18 E21 Spain
19 EDITAG France
20 EMSE France
21 Enplater Spain
22 EPS Czech Republic
23 ETIK Czech Republic
24 EVOX inspiring innovation Portugal
25 Filtrex Czech Republic
26 FNOP - Federação Nacional das Organizações de Frutas e Hortícolas Portugal
27 Food Processing Initiative Germany
28 FoodPackLab Spain
29 Frutoeste, CRL   Portugal
30 GAIA Spain
31 HighTech NL Netherlands
32 Hinojosa Spain
33 Industrial Sagarra Spain
34 Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology Poland
35 IRTA Spain
36 Leitat Spain
37 LINXENS France
38 Moravian Aerospace Cluster Czech Republic
39 Nanopharma Czech Republic
40 nanoSPACE Czech Republic
41 Natureef Association Poland
42 NG Plastics Spain
43 Oboya Horticulture Poland Sp.z o.o Poland
44 Pardam Czech Republic
45 Plasma Processing Laboratory of Lithuanian Energy Institute Lithuania
46 Polymer Competence Center Leoben Austria
47 Quadpack Spain
48 Samtack Spain
49 Secpho Spain
50 Sintex Czech Republic
51 Smart Food Cluster Lithuania
52 TECNAN Spain
54 Portugal
55 Tylex Czech Republic
56 WISEKEY France